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Fluorescence Imaging

Irillic .nm

Fluorescence Imaging System



Multiple Color Augmented Fluorescence Modes

Adaptable to a variety of surgical applications, the Irillic .nm system offers multiple color augmented fluorescence modes. Each mode is designed to enhance specific tissue types and surgical objectives, offering unparalleled flexibility and visualization in open surgery.


Intuitive 5-Button Remote Probe Interface

The Irillic .nm system boasts a state-of-the-art, hand-held NIR imaging probe, offering unmatched ease and precision. Its intuitive 5-button control allows surgeons to independently adjust settings on-the-fly, enhancing operative efficiency and focus.


Integrated Patient Management  Software:

Equipped with sophisticated Patient Management Software, the Irillic .nm system streamlines the surgical workflow. This integration allows for seamless image data handling, from pre-operative planning to post-operative analysis.


Intelligent Background/Anatomy Light Adjustment

With its intelligent light adjustment capabilities, the Irillic .nm system ensures optimal visualization by adapting to varying background and anatomical lighting conditions. This feature reduces visual strain and enhances the clarity of surgical sites, even in the most challenging environments.

Clinical Applications

With the ability of visualise perfusion of lymphatics and blood in real-time, the Irillic .nm supports a wide range of clinical applications from oncology to plastic and reconstructive surgery, offering unparalleled imaging precision in lymphatic mapping, tissue viability assessment, and more.

ELM-ASSM_2023-Jul-05_10-39-39AM-000_CustomizedView3996664642 (1).png

Irillic L.nm

Laparoscopy Imaging System



True 4K + NIR Imaging Chain

a comprehensive imaging solution that optimizes every element of the imaging pipeline—from the light source, through the fiber optics, to the laparoscope, optical coupler, imaging sensor, and processing unit. This integration ensures seamless and superior 4K resolution imaging, augmented with Near-Infrared capabilities for detailed visualization across various surgical procedures.


24-Axis Color Adjustment

an advanced algorithm that enables the independent tuning of colors for various tissue types. This capability allows surgeons to adjust and optimize the visualization of different tissues, enhancing the differentiation and detail of specific anatomical structures during procedures.


Complete Modular Platform

a modular platform designed to support three specialized surgical imaging products: 4K White for standard laparoscopy, 4K NIR for advanced procedures requiring fluorescence visualization, and 4K Open tailored for open surgical applications, offering versatility across various surgical disciplines.


Advanced Micro-Vascular Imaging

Employs sophisticated imaging techniques to accentuate the fine patterns and structures of capillary vessels, aiding in the detection and targeted biopsy of lesions with improved accuracy.

Prof. Dr. Somashekhar S.P.
Chairman - Medical Advisory Board, Aster DM Healthcare - GCC & India

Global Director - Aster International Institute of Oncology - GCC & India

“Irillic .nm proved to be as accurate as radiocolloid and blue dye combined, with additional benefits of safety and cost."

Dr. Ashok B. C.

HOD - Plastic Surgery
Chief Of Medical Services,
Aster Hospital, Whitefield,

Bangalore, India

"ICG fluorescence imaging has completely changed the way 1 do breast reconstructions using DIEP flaps. It has also added a new dimension to preventing and treating lymphedema in patients."

Dr. Rajendra Suresh Gujjalanavar

Senior Consultant - Plastic Surgery

Sakra World Hospital,

Bangalore, India

“Irillic .nm has become a very important tool for me in staging and treating lymphedema patients.”
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