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Through the power of True4K Fluorescence Imaging


At Irillic, we envision a world where every surgical procedure is empowered by the precision and clarity of fluorescence imaging.

Our commitment is to transform surgical outcomes, reduce uncertainties, and enhance patient safety. Through our innovative imaging solutions, we aim to set a new standard in surgical care, making complex procedures more accurate and less invasive.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of surgical technology, where our fluorescence imaging becomes an indispensable tool for surgeons worldwide, enabling them to see the unseen and heal with unparalleled confidence and skill.


Why Fluorescence Imaging?


Fluorescence imaging doesn't involve the use of radioactive substances, eliminating radiation exposure risks to both patients and medical staff. This is a significant advantage in terms of safety and handling.

Real-Time Visualization

Unlike Gamma Probe which provides only auditory feedback, Fluorescence imaging provides real-time, high-definition / 4K visual feedback. This allows surgeons to directly visualize lymphatic vessels and nodes during surgery, enhancing precision and potentially improving surgical outcomes.

Wide Range of Clinical Applications

Fluorescence imaging has broader range of clinical applications than the gamma probe. It's used in oncology, plastic and reconstructive, gastrointestinal, neuro, and urological surgeries, as well as in gynecology, offering versatile diagnostic and surgical guidance across various medical fields.

Reduced Allergy Risk

ICG (Indocyanine Green) is favored in medical imaging for its low allergy risk, enhancing patient safety. Its rare allergic reactions, compared to other contrast agents, make it suitable for diverse patient populations across various surgical and diagnostic procedures, ensuring broader clinical applicability and patient comfort.

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